Sunday, March 10, 2013

PhoneSheriff Review

With the way technology has improved cell phones are basically mini computers. With smartphones nowadays you can browse the internet and even download movies, music and games. However when it comes to children and employees sometimes they can use their phones in questionable ways. PhoneSheriff offers you the tools needed to keep your family and business safe.
  • Web Based Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking
  • Call Blocking
  • Time Restrictions
  • Block Websites
  • Photo Logging
  • Remote Locking
  • Data Wipe



PhoneSheriff lets you monitor a phone from anywhere in the world. All data is sent directly from the phone to their secure servers which you can log into from any web browser. The control panel allows you to view logs and settings in a nice clean manner. With an in depth user guide navigation your PhoneSheriff account will be a breeze.

SMS Monitoring allows you to view all text messages sent or received and see who they're from. Block calls and text messages from specific numbers, protecting your children from bad influences. See just how much time they are spending on calls and limit the time frame they can make them.

Live GPS tracking will tell you exactly where your phone is at all times. Photos and videos are recorded and sent to PhonesSheriff's servers. Record all contacts and call data so you never have to worry about who the phone is being used to call. Apps installed on the phone are logged and give information on what they do.

Most phones nowadays can access web browsers. Block harmful and unwanted websites to keep your children safe. Remotely Lock their phone if you they are misusing it. Manage Multiple phones from one location with PhoneSheriff's multiple device control panel. Lastly setting time restrictions will keep your children from staying up too late or having an employee use value company minutes.

Final Thoughts

After trying all types of mobile monitoring software I've come to the conclusion that PhoneSheriff is the best. With a full web base interface you only have to touch the phone once to install the software. It really gives you every tool you need to keep and eye on your children and business phones. I can now say without a doubt that PhoneSheriff is my #1 choice for mobile monitoring.